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-My campaign centers on three principles-

Accountability, Integrity, and Prosperity

As a proud resident of Dale City for over 20 years, small business owner, and father of two children who attended Prince William County public schools and graduated college in the great state of Virginia, I am committed to serving this community that makes up so much of who I am and what I value.


In my pursuit of public service, I want to bring greater accountability to the governance of this region to ensure my fellow citizens are afforded the highest standards of local government.


Building my own successful business from the ground up required the utmost integrity, a value I want to bring to this position. Finally, because of my personal experience as someone who immigrated to the United States with few resources to now being in a position to give back to my community and help others, I want to ensure every family has the same access to prosperity that has led me to this moment.


I am committed to putting these principles into action in the pursuit of a conservative agenda that puts families and community first. 

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